Tile & Grout…..Are You Sure Your Grout Lines Are Dirty?

IMG_0355If you have spent anytime on your hands and knees trying to get the grout lines on your floor cleaned, you know that it is not a very pleasant job. Of course, that’s why I suggest you give Green Bay Floor Restore a call and stop spending the time to clean it yourself and spend the time doing something you enjoy. Have you ever stopped to wonder if what appears to be dirt discoloring the grout is not dirt?


I have seen it from time to time after I have pre-sprayed the floor with our high alkaline biodegradable safe pre-spray, scrubbed each grout line with an aggressive made for grout lines brush that what appears to be dirt doesn’t emulsify. Not until I introduce the heated high-pressure steam with our rotary floor tool do I find that the grout lines have been colored with a “grout marker”. These inexpensive grout markers over time start to flake off with routine cleanings and suddenly the old grout color starts showing through and gives the appearance that the grout is dirty.


In some cases the “grout marker” as “seen on TV” can be steamed off, but in almost all cases the original grout color is stained. Because grout is porous, the stains are permanent which usually is the reason why the “grout marker” was applied in the first place.


No worries, your tile and grout floor is not “doomed”. Green Bay Floor Restore offers a service that can color seal your floor. You can literally change the color of your grout lines and you won’t have to worry about the color “flaking” off. It actually soaks into the grout and seals it.


You can schedule a Free consultation and if you allow me to test a few areas of your floor, I can actually show you the results you will get when you use Green Bay Floor Restore.


Let me know how I can be of service to you.


Jamie Strohmeyer

Owner/ Green Bay Floor Restore

Certified “Clean Trust Firm” IICRC