pH In Your Health and Green Bay pHloor Restore

 It is very difficult to give an exact definition of pH. A couple of simple descriptions offered are, “power of Hydrogen” and ‘potential Hydrogen” ion concentration. Neither are perfect descriptions. Both present a way of remembering the significance of “p” and “H”. Simply stated, pH tells us whether a solution is acid, alkaline or neutral. pH is a critical measurement. Life depends on it. For instance human blood is basic with a pH between 7.3 and 7.5. If the pH of blood drops below 7.3 acidosis occurs. If the blood pH rises above 7.5, alkalosis occurs. Death will occur if blood pH goes below 7.0 of above 7.8. Our human existence depends upon a balanced and buffered blood pH. The entire Tile and Grout Grand Staymetabolic process of your body depends on balanced pH. As more acid wastes back up, and the body slowly stews in its poisonous wastes, a chronically over acidic body pH corrodes body tissue slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of our veins and arteries like acid eating into marble or any other porous material. If you have ever wondered why you can’t lose weight even after countless efforts of eating right and committing to a weight loss plan and whatever else you did, it’s is most likely because your pH levels inside your body are acidic. How about that afternoon wall you may hit, even though you eat smart, take vitamins and supplements you still feel “groggy”…..yep you guessed it…..probably acidic pH levels in your body. Your are most likely taking the wrong vitamins or supplements. If you have questions about your bodies Ph levels you need to call an expert. I would suggest speaking with Maggie Schuld Naturopath doctor and owner of the Spa Loft If you want to know about pH levels in floor cleaning, look no further. I have the answers and the products to assure great results and no damage to the floor. It is important that your floor care professional understands pH levels in cleaning products for the type of floors that are to be cleaned. In the cleaning products world neutral pH is 7.0. Each number going up with 14.0 being the cap is 10 xs stronger than the lower number. A floor care professional knows the importance of pH. For example, you use neutral pH (7) floor cleaners for daily maintenance and alkaline pH (12-13) for finish removal. In carpet cleaning pH levels between 7 and 10 are used to avoid potential damage to carpet.  Some carpet manufacturers will null and void carpet fiber warranties if a pH level of greater than 10 is used. Have you ever heard someone who has had their carpet cleaned and they complained how the carpet felt “crunchy” or it looked dull? How about the complaint that the carpet seemed to get dirty quicker after being cleaned?  These complaints are most likely due to the carpet cleaning technician using a very high alkaline cleaning product.  You need alkaline to suspend soil so it can be extracted in carpet but in some cases you will need to neutralize that alkaline with what we call “tannin” product or acidic on the pH scale. Green Bay Floor Restore neutralizes all carpets to assure 100% customer satisfaction. It is very important for every cleaning professional to have a basic understanding of pH.  Ignoring pH of a solution or not knowing exactly what type of floor you’re cleaning (ceramic or stone) can be an expensive mistake. Floor coverings and surfaces can be damaged by an inappropriate pH value. Be careful. Make sure you hire a professional!  Jamie Strohmeyer / Owner Operator Green Bay Floor Restore IICRC Certified Carpet Technician / Certified Clean Trust Firm