Protect Your Investment – Green Guard Carpet Protector

Half Protected With Green Guard Half Not Protected
Half Protected With Green Guard Half Not Protected

It was instilled in me from an early age with the lessons from my father that you work hard for your money and when you purchase material things the better you take care of those things , the longer those things will last. I do what I do because I like to help hard working people take care of those possessions, tile grout, carpet upholstery and much more.

It’s not cheap to replace your floor coverings. It was reported that the month of January 2013, Americans had the least amount of disposable income available. If you have ever priced out the cost to replace your floor coverings you will see the benefit that maintaining what you have will free up money to do or purchase other things.  There is an expense to maintaining a possession but always ask yourself “how much would it cost me to replace it”? My truck and my wife’s car are 2 possessions that come to mind. To me that’s an easy answer. Have you seen the sticker price on a new truck….YIKES! 

Last article I talked about the importance of vacuuming for longevity of your carpets. Carpet stain protection will also assist in having to pre-maturely replace your carpets. For pennies on the dollar your carpet investment will go a long way.

Green Guard is the 1st EPA “green” carpet protector. Green Guard is formulated with the features such as , non toxic, skin friendly, biodegradable, no fragrances and safe for humans and pets.

Green Guard should be applied after each extraction cleaning to help your carpet “stay cleaner longer”.  Over the course of everyday life your carpet’s stain protection weakens due to foot traffic, cleaning and any deodorizing products you may use.

Green Guard keeps traffic lanes cleaner longer; abrasions and wear on the carpet are reduced. Vacuuming is easier and efficient. Green Guard has superior resistance to soil which will help extend the life of your carpet. Green Guard also prevents browning or yellowing of the carpets and limits wicking. You know that stain that the last carpet cleaning company removed and then the stain came back, that’s called wicking. 

Green Guard is a cutting edge encapsulation product that will help keep your carpets keep a “like new look”. Next time you have your carpets cleaned, ask for Green Guard.

Jamie Strohmeyer / Green Bay Floor Restore IICRC Certified Carpet Technician/ Clean Trust Certified.