Smartstrand Carpets: The Green Appeal

100_2356The carpet cleaning industry saw its first new fiber in many years back in 2009 when the FCC (Federal Trade Commission) recognized polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) as a new class of fiber. Previously it had been recognized as polyester. Consumers now have the option to purchase carpets that may be identified as Triexta, Smartstrand or Sorona.
PTT was initially developed by Dupont back in 1941. In 1999 Shell started marketing PTT under the trade name Corterra. Use of this fiber was limited and mostly used in clothing fabrics not carpet.
Shaw Industries began marketing Cortera as a carpet fiber in 2001. Mohawk began making PTT under the name Smartstrand beginning in 2004.

A version of PTT including 37% of a Dupont resin that originates from corn was brought to the market by Mohawk. It is called Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona.
This could be spun into fibers and tufted into carpet using the same equipment as was being used for nylon fiber carpets. With the ability to be processed on existing equipment and the green appeal of using corn, a renewable resource, PTT now holds a small but growing share of the carpet fiber market.

As a certified IICRC carpet cleaning company, Green Bay Floor Restore is committed to knowing how to clean all fibers. It is anticipated that Triexta fibers will resist staining with acid food dyes and be somewhat resistant to disperse dyes (yellow of turmeric in mustard is an example of disperse dye). PTT does have an affinity for oil and grease, but should respond well to cleaning if it done on a regular basis., at least annually for typical family use.

In closing please remember that dry extracting ( vacuuming) is the single most important thing you can do to your carpets for look and longevity.

Jamie Strohmeyer
Green Bay Floor Restore / IICRC Certified