The IICRC Consumer Commitment

100_2356Well, once again I look at the calendar and it says April. However, when I step outside I still have a haunting memory of winter. I don’t mind winter but come on, enough already! Anyway I’m staying positive knowing that good weather is right around the corner.

No matter what the weather is Green Bay Floor Restore is always committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Many companies make this statement and many stand behind it. Unfortunately many do not. That is just one of many items that separate Green Bay Floor Restore from other’s in my industry.

Green Bay Floor Restore has taken it’s commitment to customer service to even a higher level than it’s competition. Green Bay Floor Restore through service and examination has become a Certified Clean Trust Firm by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification organization. Also know as the IICRC.

As a certified firm we agree to maintain professionalism when conducting business and to uphold honesty and integrity and competency in all dealings with consumers. We will always have an IICRC certified technician present on all job sites certified in the category the work is being performed in.

Although Green Bay Floor Restore is already committed to continuing education, the commitment to the customer is that we will continue to educate staff and technicians as well as seek, promote and provide training to better serve the customer with “best practices” and products.

Green Bay Floor Restore will always carry adequate insurance to protect consumers from any possible mishap. Any and all required licenses, permits and bonds will always be maintained.

As a consumer myself I treat my customer’s the same way I expect to be treated. I would never want anyone to give me false or deceptive advertising or marketing including the use of misleading pricing. You can be sure that when you work with Green Bay Floor Restore, you, the customer, will ALWAYS receive accurate information regarding prices, services and products.

You know all in all I really did not need to join an organization to prove these best practices. My customer’s and people who already know me would tell you that is simply who I am. I conduct business with honesty and integrity. I decided to take it to this level of certification to prove my consumer commitment to those of you who don’t know me and Green Bay Floor Restore. I hope this will help persuade you to give Green Bay Floor Restore a try.

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Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!

Jamie Strohmeyer
Owner/ Operator Green Bay Floor Restore
IICRC Certified